The Corporation

The Corporación Radio e Televisión de Galicia (CRTVG) was incepted on January 1st, 2016 as the successor of the Compañía de Radio-Televisión de Galicia, which  began broadcasting in 1985, and is located in Santiago, the capital of Galicia. The Corporation's first mission is to improve and standardize the use of our official language, Galician, and to promote our culture through Televisión de Galicia (TVG), Radio Galega (RG) and digital media. Its budget is mainly supported by the autonomous Government of Galicia, as well as by advertising.

TVG broadcasts 24 hours a day on two digital terrestrial channels and two satellite channels to Europe and America. The network reaches more than 4 million people in northwest Spain (covering Galicia and surrounding areas) and northern Portugal. The program schedule includes news, concerts, cultural programs, content for children, contests, games, series, films, debates and sports. Of these areas, over 60% of production is done with own resources.

The technical means consists of 4 mobile units, 10 video post-production rooms, and 4 studios, while the current production network itself has the best technical coverage of the Autonomous Community.

The three channels in Radio Galega offer information, music and special programming for our listeners to be the first to know. The radio emission encourages interaction with the public through the most innovative information technologies. Radio Galega plays a key role in promoting the music of Galicia and this involves the availability of our studios in order to produce albums and live music concerts.

CRTVG’s bet on digital media, primarily through its website, aims to bring the contents of television and radio adapted to different media to let the user consume and participate wherever and whenever. It also intends to provide new value-added content on various digital channels and to encourage interaction with the public.

The Corporation as a whole has eight hundred employees in its central production center, as well as in four offices in the main cities of Galicia and one in Madrid.

CRTVG is one of the founding members of FORTA, the federation of regional radio and television in Spain, consisting of 12 public bodies.